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Join our movement to protect public education in Northwest ISD.

our kids still need you

They are counting on your help to protect our school district from political extremism.

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What's Happening in Northwest ISD?

Our school district is thriving, vibrant, and rapidly growing. But outside political forces are threatening Northwest ISD's bright future. They are using the same tactics that have harmed nearby school districts. And they are putting their own agenda over public education.

On May 6, 2023, our community voted to protect our students, teachers, and families from this unnecessary political influence. But your voice is still is still vital to ensuring that kids continue to come first in Northwest ISD.

About Us

We are a nonpartisan, grassroots organization of engaged Northwest ISD parents and community members. Our mission is to help every child thrive by raising awareness and engagement about the attack on public education.

We support:

  • Inclusion, dignity, and a voice for all students
  • Putting student outcomes above political posturing, and excellence over extremism
  • The innovative and high-quality programs that the district offers
  • Student access to educational materials that are age-appropriate, historically accurate, and culturally diverse
  • Existing policies that promote parent involvement in public education
  • Schools free from religious or political indoctrination

Core Values


Support Students

Meet the needs of every student in the district

Empower Educators

Respect and support educators and trained professionals


Promote Partnerships

Grow strong bonds between families and educators



Coming soon! Stay up to date on the latest news in Northwest ISD, and read deep dives that provide facts and data to combat misinformation.

A Classroom Scene

When politicians take over, students and teachers suffer.

Here is what's happening in other districts:


  • 200 employees resigned or had positions cut
  • $4 Million in cuts to teacher salaries
  • No longer "Top Place to Work"
  • District now facing $6 Million+ deficit


  • Enrollment projected to decrease over next 10 years
  • Budget deficit tripled
  • Removed religious freedom from code of conduct
  • Now under eight civil rights investigations


  • Enacted extreme book bans
  • Targeted LGBTQ students
  • Board voted to allow teachers to carry loaded guns at school
  • Spent thousands in excess attorney fees

Join Our Movement

If you feel our school board should be focused on excellence instead of extremism – work with us to advocate for tangible benefits to students.

We welcome parents, students, and community members from all over Northwest ISD! You can get involved in any of the following ways:


2024 NISD Election

Important Dates


Last Day to Register


Early Voting Begins

May 4

Election Day

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